Our CEO, (Mr.) SeokMo Yang(缮) had initially been working for Polyster Film and Hot Stamping Foil as
export manager for about 10years in SKC, a pioneer of the Film and Foil in Korea,of which Foil Division
has recently been merged by ITW/USA.

Mr.Yang with some of his colleagues had launched a new firm to diversely develop wide variety of
foils which were out of core target of SKC as a big SK group co., which concentrated only on mass
production items like gold paper foils.

We, BomWon Corp., which has been a manufacturer & exporter of various Stamping & Transfer Foils for the last decade, has now been converted into an export-oriented Transfer Foil Co. with a characteristics of wide varieties of all kinds of Transfer Foils available in Korea being made by ourselves as well as several subcontractors appeared recent years with some typical technologies, through overall cooperations especially by providing them informations on world market trend and new technical developments.

Besides ordinary hot stamping foils of numerous patterns, our recent innovative developments are UV Layer Foil-World 1st exclusive development mainly for decoration onto plastic extruded substrates for building materials & furniture parts-and MDF Foil- world 3rd development which is quite competitive in cost with quality of which level is very close to the world standard being made by both German KURZ FOIL and CFC, America.
Nevertheless, we have got relatively strong property with the extraordinary UV Layer in this MDF Foil as well, to differentiate our Foil from them while we are catching up the world top qualities which have been exclusively enjoying huge world market demands.

We have also solved the common headache of plastic foil people-strong bonding adhesion onto PE & Nylon Substrates.

Meanwhile, we have been expanding our scope of services to all available Transfer Products -Film Sequins, Transfer papers, Glitters, Plastic Cavier Beads, etc.- and Machines as well as some other related items.


We are always at your disposal and necessity to solve any of your transfer problems.

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